OUR Story

We love traveling with our pack, but it wasn't always easy to find the right gear for our adventures.  That's why we started Spruce.

Our goal is simple: to spend our days with good dogs and good people; exploring and delivering products that can help bring the two together.  



Spruce is founded by the dog-loving husband and wife team of Elijah and Leah Wiegmann.  Together with the help of a few close friends and dog-lovers they've built Spruce.

Dogs have always been at the center of our lives. We both grew up in homes where dogs were our siblings, not our pets (Mork and Mindy being my first loves). When Eli was young, his pups Buddy and Sophie inspired him to create a super hero who’s sole purpose was to save and protect all animals. To say we love our pups is a serious understatement. When we met, Scooter was the only girl for Eli, she is the strong-willed, adventurer that he always wanted. Fortunately, we shared the same passion for dogs as we did for adventure.

Since we met, our family has grown, Moe has securely melted our hearts and the four of us have seen a lot together. Traveling with our pack is how we prefer to spend our time, but finding gear and packing up for these trips has not always been so enjoyable. That’s why we started Spruce. We believe that products should be built to last and designed to make lives easier. 

-Leah Wiegmann (co-founder)



Elijah Wiegmann is an award-winning Industrial Designer living in Pittsburgh, PA. Elijah started his career at Michael Graves Design Group, working on consumer goods for Target. From there he went on to be the first designer for 4moms juvenile products, where he eventually became Design Director overseeing all new product development. Elijah's work at 4moms grew the company to an international business that was known for it's incredible design. Throughout his career he has been named on over 18 patents and won 2 Red Dot awards. Currently, Elijah runs his own design firm.




Starting her career as an Industrial Designer,  Leah's first job out of college was for Michael Graves Design Group working on products for Target. When she decided to move to Pittsburgh, Leah landed a job working for the start-up, 4moms, as the lead Graphic Designer. There, she spent 6 years working as Graphic Designer and Creative Manager for the in-house team at the leading baby gear company. Now, Leah works independently for clients locally and nationally. 



Always up for adventure, Scooter has all the energy of a puppy (even though she's coming up on her 12th birthday). Saved by Elijah as a pup, Scooter is his ever protector, making sure dad is always in her sight. She loves to jump over rocks and fallen trees and If she sees a river, she has to swim in it, no matter how cold. 



Moe Moe is our sweet little tripod. He gets around just as good as any four-legged dog, but he does love to curl up, especially if he can use your lap as a pillow. His beautiful singing lets you know that he is excited, whether it's to go on a hike, or just because he is happy to see you.