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Inspiration for your next dog-friendly getaway!

Posted by Elijah Wiegmann on
Inspiration for your next dog-friendly getaway!
It has been a long year and we are all excited to finally get out on some new adventures. If you are like us, that means looking for places that you can bring your pups with you. 
Here are a few suggestions of dog-friendly stays off the beaten path.


Find a local hide-a-way

Getaway House cabin with dogs Getaway House Cabins
Located just outside of 14 metro areas, these cabins are the perfect way to get into the woods without needing to break out the tent. Complete with a queen sized bed, kitchen, full bathroom and completely stocked fire-pit; these cabins are like a luxury hotel room plopped right into your local woods. And many of these tiny cabins are dog-friendly.  
Find your local Getaway House

Get a little farther away 

Dog-Friendly Dome HouseFind a dog-friendly Airbnb

Whether you want to find a place down the road, or head out on a long weekend road-trip, make your destination something you wont quickly forget. A quick search on Airbnb can give you a number of great options for your next adventure. From geodesic domes to underground homes, there are plenty of unique stays. Just make sure to check the 'pet-friendly' box in your searches.

Start searching on Airbnb


Explore what's close by

Woman and dog by waterfallFind a new local trail

We are constantly amazed at the options of trails right in our backyard. Whether you know them or not, I guarantee you can find some natural beauty around you. Get inspired by checking out trail apps like Pathloom that help you discover and plan your next outdoor adventure. You can tailor your search to help you find dog-friendly trails right in your neck of the woods. 

Check out Pathloom and get exploring.


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