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About Us


 At Spruce, we design products that make exploring the world with your pet easy. As designers and dog-lovers we believe that quality and function are essential to creating great products to help you enjoy every experience with your pup.

Traveling with our pack is how we prefer to spend our time, but finding gear and packing up for these trips has not always been so enjoyable. That’s why we started Spruce. We believe that products should be built to last and designed to make lives easier.



The Spruce Bed was born out of frustration with existing dog beds. We started thinking about our ideal bed, something that would be easy to take with us on long and short trips. Typical beds are too large and flimsy to make carrying easy. By designing a bed that folds, it not only makes the bed much easier to transport, but it also allows the bed to act as a suitcase for your pup’s stuff.

Once we had the basic concept in mind, we couldn’t stop thinking of other features. Our beds get dirty, so of course the bed would be machine-washable (duh). But maybe the cover could come off like a fitted sheet instead of a giant pillow case. Then maybe we could add pockets for poop bags and wrap everything in waterproof material, and finally what if the whole thing were modular(replaceable foam, sheets, case) all of it?

Wouldn’t that be neat?



So, we designed that product and launched it on Indiegogo in April 2018. Funding for the Spruce Dog Bed was reached in the first 24hours!!! We finished our campaign with over $40K to make our first production run of small, medium and large dog beds. In November 2018 our beds arrived from our manufacturer and have since been shipped out to happy pups across the U.S and Canada.



We built years of experience working on consumer goods before launching Spruce. We started our careers at Michael Graves Design Group (where we met) while working on a range of products for Target. From there we went on to start and build the design department for 4moms juvenile products. Elijah eventually became Design Director overseeing an award winning department (2 Red Dot awards and 18+ patents) and Leah became the head of the Graphic Design Department. Together we helped to grow the company to an international business, known for it's incredible design.

When we eventually got the opportunity to start our own company, we knew exactly what we wanted to do… spend our days designing for dogs and their people.