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The Best Active Dog Toys for Your Pet

Posted by Patrick Brady on
The Best Active Dog Toys for Your Pet

The Best Active Dog Toys for Your Pet

The Ultimate List of the Best Active Dog Toys To Keep Your Dog Busy

If you have a dog with high energy levels, you’ll want to invest in some active dog toys to burn that energy. Whether you’re trying to find toys for your daily play time, looking for toys for your dog while you’re not home, or searching for active pet gear, this guide will help you find the perfect toys and gear for your dog. 

Benefits of active dog toys

Get Your Dog Active For Physical and Mental Stimulation

When you have an active dog, you know how beneficial it is to get them up and active. That’s why you should have at least a couple active dog toys to get your dog moving. Here are other benefits of active dog toys you may not have known about:

  • Burns their energy. Most dogs have quite a bit more energy than humans, especially if you have a more active breed of dog. When you play more with them, they’ll burn that energy and be less likely to destroy things in your house due to an overabundance of energy. 
  • Keep them mentally stimulated. Stimulation for dogs goes beyond just physical stimulation. Keeping them mentally stimulated helps lower stress levels and keeps their mind sharp. Plus, it helps improve their mental stamina no matter how old they are. 
  • Helps them use their natural instincts. Dogs were born to chase. Using toys that get them running helps unleash their natural instincts. 
  • Assists in fun training. Are you training your dog? A perfect reward for a job well done is the chance to chase their favorite toy. 

Active Dog Toys to Get Your Dog Running

The Best Toys to Keep Your Dog Active

If you’re looking for the best dog toys to get your dog up and running, look no further. We’ve compiled a list of toys that will be sure to catch the attention of any type of dog and get them up and running. 

  • ChuckIt! Sport Launcher. This toy is perfect for any dog that loves to run far and any owner whose arms may get tired after throwing at a distance. The ChuckIt! Sport Launcher allows you to throw 2-3x the distance that you can normally. Plus, the arm of the toy lends itself to hands-free pickup, so you don’t have to worry about picking up a slobbery toy. The plastic handle is durable but also lightweight. You’ll need a lot of space for this toy, so this toy is best suited for people who have a big area for their dog to run around. 
  • Bad Cuz Dog Toy. The Bad Cuz is sure to spice up play time for your pup. This toy is made to bounce and squeak. It’s made of non-toxic, durable rubber and because of the design it will bounce in ways your pet won’t expect to keep them on their toes. 
  • Hol-ee Roller Treat Dispensing Dog Ball. Made by the same company as the Bad Cuz, the Hol-ee Roller toy is also made with durable rubber that is sure to stand up to tough use. The design makes it easy for your dog to tug, fetch and easily carry. Put treats in it for an extra surprise for them. 
  • Walky Dog Plus Hands Free Dog Bicycle Exerciser Leash. Want to take your dog with you on a bike ride? This bike extension lets your dog run by your side while riding your bike. The design of the Walky Dog has an internal shock-absorbing system which can quickly lock and release so you can switch it from bikes with ease. Since this leash is military grade, it has a pull strength of 550-lbs. It’s the perfect size for medium to large high-energy dogs. 
  • Flirt Pole. Imagine a teaser toy for cats and multiply it in size to suit a dog and you have the Flirt Pole. This toy is great for active dogs that may not have a huge backyard to play in. The Flirt Pole uses your dog’s natural instinct to catch prey into a fun exercise. Dangle the toy and your dog will jump and play to catch the toy. It’s durable yet lightweight, comfortable and safe. The toy secured on the Flirt Pole is replaceable and machine washable. It’s best used on a cushioned surface like grass. 

Why You Need to Keep Your Dog Stimulated Even When You’re Not Home

Combat Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety

Of course, while we’d love to be with our pups at every moment of the day, there will always be times when we have to leave them at home. If your dog is constantly whining or barking, being overly destructive, or having accidents in the house, they may be experiencing some separation anxiety. Keeping them busy while you’re away can help them feel more relaxed, thus they’ll be  less likely to have destructive behavior. Plus, if they tire themselves out, they’ll take less interaction when you get home to calm them down. 

Best Dog Toys for Your Pup While You’re Not Home

Top Toys For Mental Stimulation

There are plenty of toys that are sure to keep your dog occupied when you aren’t home. The best toys are ones to keep your dog mentally stimulated. Here are our favorites:

  • KONG Toys. To combat boredom at home, KONG Toys are a staple for any dog owner. These toys are tough, so they’re perfect for active chewers. Stuff the KONG toys with food like peanut butter and they’ll find entertainment while you’re away. 
  • Bob-A-Lot. Stuff the Bob-A-Lot toy with food while you’re away and your dog will play with it for hours. When your dog plays with this toy, it will dispense food as it wobbles around. 
  • Frisco Hide and Seek Plush Volcano Puzzle Dog Toy. Hide these small dinosaurs and let your dog pull them out for a fun hide-and-seek game. The plush dinosaurs have built-in squeakers that provide hours of mental stimulation. 

Best Adventure Gear for Active Dogs

Adventure With Your Dog In Style

Of course, with an active dog, you’re sure to take frequent walks and probably even go on trips together. Be sure to get stock up on the best gear for your adventures. 

  • Spruce Pup’s Grab & Go Leash Bag. This leash bag is perfect for carrying whatever you need for not only your daily walks but also any long trips you’ll take with your dog. Pack everything up ahead of time so you can just grab the bag and be on your way with any adventure you decide to take with your dog. 
  • Spruce Pup’s Travel Dog Bed. If you’re taking trips, you’ll want to invest in a good travel dog bed so your dog will sleep comfortably wherever you go. This bed with memory foam is sure to be comfortable for your dog while the removable, machine washable sheets are perfect for keeping this dog bed clean. 

Not every dog toy is suited for your dog, but you’re sure to find some active dog toys that can keep your dog busy, whether you’re playing with them or trying to get them to play while you’re not home. Plus, Spruce Pup has you covered for all of your adventure gear for active dogs and their owners.

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