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Grab & Go Dog Leash and Bag

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The Spruce Grab & Go Dog Leash Bag is perfect for organizing all your dog's essentials when you are on your next adventure. With handy pockets for holding pens, cards and keys, the Grab & Go Dog Leash Bag is an essential dog-walking accessory.


  • 6' Long Sturdy Leash
  • Zippered Pouch for Dog Treats
  • Large Inner Pouch for Leash Storage
  • Doggie Poop Bag Dispenser
  • Pen and Card Holder
  • Key Clip
  • Belt Clip
  • Bottle Opener G-Hook on Leash


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    Everything Has Its Place

    The Spruce Grab & Go Leash Bag stores all of your walk-essentials inside - making everyday easy when you need to get out and get going to the park, to a café, or to prevent frantic pawing at the door. The leash bag has multiple specifically designed pockets so you can organize your phone, doggie bags etc all in one convenient place. Doggie Bags in the inner mesh pocket can be accessed without even opening the bag.

    Never Leave Your Leash in a Tangle

    The dog leash tucks away inside the leash bag so you never have to deal with messy tangled leashes. Just zip it into the storage pouch when you are finished walking or for easy storage at the dog park.