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Essential Dog Walking Gear for Active Dog Owners

Posted by Elijah Wiegmann on
Essential Dog Walking Gear for Active Dog Owners

Essential Dog Walking Gear for Active Dog Owners

From leash bags to dog bag dispensers, here’s what dog walking gear you’ll need for your daily walks

Walking your dog is wonderful for both their physical and mental health. When your dog stays inside your house for too long, they may get bored and get destructive. They love to explore and take in all the sights and smells. Getting your dog active stimulates them, socializes them, and keeps them in good health. Plus, it’s a wonderful way to spend quality time with your furry friend. You don’t want to be on a walk and leave behind your essentials, so we put together this Spruce Pup list of essential dog walking gear!

Organize Your Dog Walking Gear with a Leash Bag

With plenty of pockets, what’s not to love?

A leash bag is one of the best dog walking gear items you can get for your walks. The Spruce Grab & Go Dog Leash Bag is the perfect size and is filled with pockets for everything you need while out with your dog. Included is a large pouch for storage, ID card holder, and an internal key clip. Feed your leash through the bag so it hangs safely from your leash or use the belt clip to ensure you don’t lose it on your walk. 

Here’s what you should put inside your leash bag to make your walks go smoothly. 

    • Contact card. The ID card holder is the perfect place to not only put your license or credit card, but it’s also the most ideal place to put a contact card in case you lose your bag. Include your name, your phone number, an emergency phone number, and the names of any dogs you are walking. 
  • Treats. Pack your pup’s favorite treats and store them in one of the pouches in the leash bag. 
  • Dog bags. Cleaning up after your dog while on a walk is common courtesy. Not only that but bacteria from your dog’s waste can cause sickness in other people’s pets. Dog bags can be placed in a pocket in the Grab & Go leash bag for easy access when you need to clean up after your dog. 
    • Pepper spray. When walking in an unfamiliar area, you may want to bring pepper spray with you. For your protection, you can use pepper spray to ward off people, dogs, or other animals who may threaten or attack you. Another alternative is Citronella spray, which is effective on nuisance dogs. 

    Buy a Reflective Collar

    See your dog at nighttime for extra safety

    If you’re walking your dog at night, a reflective collar is crucial. If your dog were to ever get separated from you, a reflective collar will help your and other people see your dog. By the road or on a trail, headlights or a flashlight would illuminate the collar. Reflective collars also help warn others in the dark that you and your dog are there so they’re not surprised or caught off guard. 

    Update Your Dog ID Tags

    Provide the right contact information

    You should always have an up-to-date ID tag on your dog. If anything changes, such as your phone number or your address, be sure to create an updated tag with the new information. If your dog runs away or gets lost, this is an easy way to ensure whoever finds them knows who to call or where to bring your dog so they’re safely reunited with you.

    Here’s what you should include on your dog’s ID tags:

    • Your dog’s name
    • Your phone number
    • Your address
    • Any medical needs they may have. 

    You likely won’t be able to fit all of this information onto one dog tag. You can get multiple tags to include everything and attach them to your dog’s collar. You can also create dog tags at stores like Petsmart or buy a personalized online. 

    Bring Water and a Bowl

    Quench your dogs thirst

    On long walks your dog will get thirsty. Letting them drink the water wherever you are walking may cause them to get sick, so bring a water bottle filled with water your dog is used to drinking so they won’t get sick. You may want to consider a collapsible water bowl to bring with you on your walks. This way, you’ll be able to keep your dog’s traditional water bowl at home and an on-the-go water bowl in your bag. If your walk is extra-long, bring food so your dog doesn’t get overly hungry throughout the day. 

    Bring Dog Wipes

    Wipes for your dog down after walks are essentials for dog walking gear

    When you take your dog on their walk, they will inevitably want to smell everything in sight and may get a little messy. If you have to get in your car to drive home or come back to your home through a shared space, consider using dog wipes to clean your pup up before you get back home. Small dog wipes are a great alternative to daily bathing and they’ll still get the mess and any bacteria off your pet from your walk together, especially those dirty paws! 

    Inclimate weather gear

    Protect your pup from the elements

    Some dogs were made for the snow, but other dogs weren’t. When it comes to dogs with thick fur coats, you can generally skip any additional inclimate weather gear such as a coat. For dogs with thinner coats, you may want to consider jackets so you can still get your dog’s daily exercise in—even in cold weather. 

    A ten-minute walk around your neighborhood and a three-hour hike in the middle of winter are different, so pay close attention to your dog in extreme weather conditions. If you think they’re showing signs of hypothermia or frostbite, be sure to bring your dog indoors immediately and warm them with a towel and lukewarm water. Call your veterinarian to ensure your dog is safe. 

    Having the appropriate dog walking gear is vital for any type of walk, no matter if it’s a short walk or a day-trip somewhere. Shop Spruce Pup dog walking gear and be prepared for any walk you might take!

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