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The Zen Dog Organizer: Enjoy Every Moment With Your Pup

Posted by Elijah Wiegmann on
The Zen Dog Organizer: Enjoy Every Moment With Your Pup

The Zen Dog Organizer: Enjoy Every Moment With Your Pup

In Need of a Dog Organizer for All Your Pup’s Needs? Check Out  These Organizational Tips for All Dog Owners

Adventurous and active pet owners need to be ready to answer the call of nature. An unorganized set up will make that difficult. This blog will focus on ways to organize your personal space so you aren't scrambling to get out of the door with your pup. From tips for the car to Spruce Pup's travel dog beds, and the functional dog organizer leash bag which holds everything you need, this guide will help the reader find a true Zen space as they organize their life to enjoy every moment with their four legged friends.

Give Your Dog Space In Your Home 

Love Your Dog? Organizers Help Make Your Home Their Home Too

To create boundaries with your dog, you should create space for your dog in your home. This brings a level of comfort for your dog and a level of organization for you. Create a space for their food that’s separated from their dog bed or their toys. If you have multiple dogs, space out their food bowls to avoid food aggression. Provide a space for your dog’s toys and clean up frequently. Though it may feel pointless to clean up with how many toys they have, it will give you a clear space in your house and thus help your home feel less cluttered. 

Puppy-Proof Your Yard

Create a safe, fun dog play area

There may be some days where you can’t venture beyond your house. To still ensure your dog gets the exercise they need, opt for play time in your yard (if you have one). You’ll want to be sure your yard is safe for your dog. Here are some steps you can take to puppy-proof your yard:

  • Fence in your yard, if possible. Try to pick a fence that they can’t squeeze through or jump over for extra safety. 
  • Mow the yard frequently. Ticks are more likely to hide in tall grass or in unkept leaves. Take care of your lawn to try to prevent ticks from nesting in your yard
  • Avoid keeping them in the heat for too long. Both the temperature and the humidity should be taken into consideration when playing outside with your dog in the heat. Provide them with shade and lots of water. If they get overheated, be sure to take a break.
  • Supervise the play time. Watch over your dog during play time outside so that you’re sure they’re safe from overheating or any other hazards they can get into in your yard. 


Prepare for Your Outside Adventures Ahead of Time

Enjoy Outdoor Time with a Dog Organizer for All His Favorite Belongings

Whether you’re going for a casual two-mile hike or a weekend camping trip with your pooch, you should prepare for your journeys ahead of time so that you’re always well prepared and can spend more time enjoying your adventure with your furry companion.

  • Make sure your dog has an ID collar. While most pet owners do have ID collars on their pups, make sure all of the information is up-to-date on the tags.
  • Prepare an on-the-go first aid kit. You can buy a premade dog first aid kit or easily make one yourself. Pack absorbent gauze pads, adhesive tape, alcohol wipes, ice packs, tweezers, etc. to make sure you can provide care for your dog even if you’re far away from home.
  • Consider collapsable bowls. Collapsible dog bowls allow for ease when feeding your dog or keeping them hydrated on the go. The bowls typically come in silicone or fabric with many different size options to suit your needs. 
  • Find the right travel bed. Lightweight yet rugged and durable, the Spruce Pup Dog Travel Beds are perfect for taking your dog anywhere. With memory foam padding, your dog will find comfort no matter where you are. With removable, machine-washable sheets, you can keep your dog bed clean for your next adventure. 

    Find the best dog organizer for your leash

    Use the best dog leash organizer to make every walk a breeze

    When going on a walk or planning a trip with your dog, the last thing you want to do is untangle their leash and organize what they need at the last minute. You’ll risk forgetting something and having to make a pitstop along the way. The Spruce Grab & Go Leash Bag is the perfect dog organizer for any type of trip with your dog —whether it’s a walk down the road or a full day hike. This bag includes a large inner pouch to store your leash, an ID holder, key clip, and a pouch to include anything else you may need on your trip. With a doggie bag dispenser and a belt clip, this dog leash organizer is essential for any walk with your dog. 

    Make Every Car Ride Enjoyable

    Tips for Enjoyable Car Rides with Your Floppy-Eared Friend

    Any dog owner knows that car rides with your dogs will result in a messy car. No matter what type of upholstery you choose, your dog will still leave your car dirty. If you travel frequently with your dog, it may be a good idea to invest in heavy-duty mats and durable seat covers. Less mess will result in less cleanup time. If your dog moves around too much to safely drive, consider a crate for your car or a seatbelt harness to limit their mobility. Always listen to your dog's needs in the car. If the ride is long, take frequent bathroom and stretch breaks when your dog warns you. 


    No matter where you are or where you go, be sure to enjoy every moment with your pup. Create a safe, organized environment for your dog so you’ll be prepared to go out any time nature calls for you and your companion. Shop Spruce Pup dog organizer materials so you’ll always be ready for your adventures! 

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