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Holiday Gift Guide for Dogs and Their Owners

Posted by Elijah Wiegmann on
Holiday Gift Guide for Dogs and Their Owners

Holiday Gift Guide for Dogs and Their Owners

Find the perfect gifts for dog lovers and their furry friends


Do you have dog owners and dogs on your holiday shopping list this year and don’t know where to get started? At Spruce Pup, we have you covered. From gifts for dogs and their owners with active lifestyles to healthy treats for dogs, this holiday gift guide has the perfect gifts for dog lovers. Take a look at some of our favorite gift ideas for the dogs and their owners in your life. 


For On-The-Go Dogs and Their Owners

The Best Gifts for Dog Lovers With An Active Lifestyle

Elevate your adventure experience with Spruce Pup products. Spruce Pup products are made with adventuring at heart and products that make traveling with your pup easy. With quality and functional gear, Spruce Pup products spark joy for active owners and their pups.  


  • The Spruce Pup Grab & Go Dog Leash Organizer is the perfect gift for any on-the-go dog owner. This leash bag is outfitted with pockets and compartments to ensure optimal space for whatever you need to bring on a walk with you. Feed your leash through the leash bag and not worry about carrying it, or use the clip on the back of the bag to attach it to your pocket. Once you’re finished walking, roll the leash back up and keep it in the dog leash organizer for easy access on your next walk. 
  • The Spruce Pup Travel Dog Bed is the perfect gift for dogs and their owners who travel frequently. Dogs will love the comfortable memory foam mattress, and their owners will love the removable, machine-washable sheets. The travel dog bed easily folds up to hold everything you and your dog may need, is lightweight, and is made of durable material. 

Gifts That Give Back

Feel-good Gifts For Dog Lovers 

There are plenty of companies you can find that will donate a portion of their profit to a charity. Of course, there are companies that will donate their profits to charities that your dog-lover would appreciate. With so many products to choose from, you can not only give someone a product they’ll really love but you’ll also be donating to a cause close to their heart. 

    • FriendshipCollar. Finally match with your best friend with FriendshipCollar. This company offers matching collars and bracelets for pet owners and their furry friends. With so many styles to choose from, you’ll be sure to find the right style for any animal lover on your holiday gift list. All of the products sold are cruelty free, and the best part? For every collar sold, FriendshipCollar donates food to shelters around the country. 
  • Scripted Fragrance. This etsy shop has a whole collection of candles inspired by pets. With many breeds of dogs in the collection, you’ll likely find a candle scented after the breed of dog you’re looking for. From golden retrievers to chow chows, there’s a lot of selection. Each candle is vegan, cruelty-free, dye-free, additive free, preservative-free, and petroleum-free. A portion of the proceeds from each sale is donated to charity. 
  • Grounds & Hounds Coffee is a great gift for dog-lovers and coffee-lovers. With every order, Grounds & Hounds donates 20% of the proceeds to dog shelters in need. The company offers a variety of different options from a multitude of blends to subscription options. 
    • Rescue Chocolate. Chocolate and animals? What’s not to love? Rescue Chocolate sells chocolate products, paleo vegan chocolates, and gift collections to appeal to any type of chocolate lover. The company donates profits to various dog shelters across the country.

    Gift Interactive Toys

    Keeping Dogs Occupied

    Dogs need interaction for their mental and physical stimulation. Without this stimulation, dogs are more likely to feel overwhelmed, anxious, or bored, which may lead them to destroy items within your house. Walks or playtime help tire your dog out, but sometimes normal exercise or our busy schedules prohibit us from truly stimulating our dogs. Luckily, there are many interactive toys to cure dogs of their boredom and will get them to play all day long. Check out our favorites:

    • KONG Toys are one of the simplest yet most effective interactive toys. You can fill this toy up with a treat like peanut butter to keep your dog busy throughout the day. When fetching with KONG Toys, the material of the rubber bounces the toy in unpredictable ways, allowing for a more interesting game with your pup. A toy made to chew on, the KONG Toy can help stop your dog from chewing on your things. 
    • The Wicked Ball is a toy that’s sure to get your pup active when you’re not home. The toy is 100% automatic, hands-free, and rechargeable. With three interactive modes, this toy will fit your dog's temperament and play style.  Play time for your pet is sectioned off in 10-minute play time and 30-minute rest time. This ball even has a sensor to automatically avoid obstacles so it won’t get stuck while playing. Though it is scratch resistant, it’s definitely not chew-proof. Once the outer shell of the toy is destroyed, you can simply buy a new shell. 
    • Hide N’ Slide Puzzle Game may become one of your dog’s favorite toys. Hide treats in this puzzle and watch as your dog moves the compartments to figure out where the treats are hidden. Your dog can play with this toy for hours, mentally stimulating them to understand the toy. 

    Gift Their Favorite Treats

    Special treats for the holiday season

    It’s no secret dogs love dog treats. Treats can help motivate and engage your dog, which is why they make for one of the best gifts for dogs. Not all treats are created equal through. Here are some things to consider when gifting treats for the dogs on your list.

    • Try homemade dog treats. Generally speaking, most homemade dog treats are pretty easy to make. By opting for homemade treats, you can avoid any allergens your dog may have. From pumpkin to watermelon to peanut butter, there are lots of homemade treat recipes available. No time to make them on your own? There are plenty of homemade dog treat shops that you can find locally or on Etsy. 
    • Find healthy dog treats. When gifting dog treats, you’ll want to make sure they’re healthy for dogs. Looking at the ingredients, there are some ingredients you’ll want to avoid when selecting dog treats. Avoid any products with unspecified meats, meat meals, or animal byproducts. 


    This holiday season, find the best gifts for the dogs and their owners on your gift list. From leash bags to travel dog beds, Spruce Pup has you covered for gifts for dog lovers and their four-legged friends in your life. 

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